Integrative Medical Consultation


Our Model

At Healing Hearts Holistic Center our goal is to introduce a new model for health care.  Most people are aware of the failures in today’s health care system, but few are taking the steps to rise above them. Our model takes the focus off of profits, and returns control of health care to the individual.  This requires recognition that health is not rooted in “the body” alone, but that our minds & spirits play an equally important role.  As such, we approach health from a mind-body-spirit perspective, bringing balance to the entire system, and providing the platform to fend off illness and sustain well-being.

We recognize that our approach is not mainstream and may not appeal to everyone, but that’s okay.  Our practice welcomes individuals who are motivated and open to a change in their physical and mental well-being, ultimately leading to peace and contentment in their lives.  While experience or knowledge of holistic/integrative health is not a prerequisite, a strong desire to improve one’s situation is a quality that our staff & members embrace.  

Our clinic is not intended to replace your primary care provider; rather, we work in conjunction with your primary physician or specialist to achieve better control of chronic conditions such as diabetes, weight gain, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, anxiety, depression, and chronic pain areas (e.g. neck, lower back, fibromyalgia).  By incorporating alternative treatments into your current regiment, we help you achieve better long-term control of your symptoms.

Medical Director - Joan Baijnath, MD

Dr. Baijnath serves as Executive/Medical Director of HHHC and is a Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician. She has practiced Traditional / Western Medicine for over 10 years, the last five of which were with the Veterans Administration as a primary care provider.  However, disillusioned with the direction of traditional medicine, Dr Baijnath has refocused her energy on brining peace and health to her patients through the launching of Healing Hearts Holistic Center.  Drawing from firsthand experience with healthy lifestyle practices, yoga, meditation and spirituality, Dr. Baijnath is ideally suited to integrate the best of Eastern Philosophy with that of Western Medicine.  She has personally experienced and benefited from the healing power of holistic practices and is honored to share this knowledge with her community.

Services Offered 

Integrative Medical Consultation, Yoga Therapy, Meditation, Healing Sound Therapy, Massage Therapy, Nutrition Consultation, Counseling.

Our Clients

We work with Chronic Pain, Assistance with Chronic Disease Management, Stress Management, Weight Management, Anxiety and Depression.

What to Expect at your visit

Dr. Baijnath’s Consultation will include: 

  • A comprehensive Health History
  • A focused Physical Exam
  • A review of lab work (ordered or provided by patient)

After reviewing the History, Physical Exam and Labs, she will customize a treatment plan based on the client’s needs.  Your treatment may include a combination of counseling, yoga therapy, massage, meditation, and dietary/lifestyle recommendations.  Clients will be offered follow-up appointments and a supportive community to guide them through every step towards achieving their goals.