Our Story

HHHC is a welcoming community where you can connect and work on yourself.  It provides a platform of support in your journey towards discovery & self-realization. You will gain the tools needed to establish balance and inner peace, which, in turn, restores physical health and emotional well-being.  With a healthy foundation, your life goals will naturally blossom.  Our Staff is here to support you, regardless of your experience levels, spiritual background, or financial circumstances.

Our services are guided by the “four-path” principles of Aghor Yoga:

  1. Consistent yoga practice
  2. Healthy lifestyle
  3. Socially responsible choices
  4. Selfless service (seva)

In this ancient style of Yoga, cerebral and philosophical elements are emphasized. While Asanas and Pranayama are important, the goal of our yoga style is to heal/quiet the mind rather than build the perfect body.  Postures represent only one aspect of a much broader spiritual practice.  Unlike some yoga studios, breathing & meditation play a heightened role over fitness alone.  

HHHC is further anchored by the medical background of its founder and her first-hand knowledge of both traditional and alternative treatments.  Rather than perpetuating the fragmented approaches of traditional medicine & health practices, HHHC's holistic approach incorporates the best of both worlds --  a blend of Western medicine and the ancient traditions of Aghor Yoga.

Located in the heart of West Palm Beach, our facility is conveniently accessible off the Florida Turnpike / Okeechobee Blvd exit.  This 2,300 SF space sets within Vista Commerce Park in a safe, brand new flex building.  The lower floor offers a 1,500 SF multi-purpose lounge & communal area, while the upper floor houses an 800 SF private yoga & meditation studio.

Healing Hearts Holistic Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, organized primary for Yoga and Meditation.  The Center is donation based, and relies on contributions, dues, and the givings of members and benefactors for its sustainability.  Through a sense of community and giving, we are dedicated to helping people, regardless of their financial circumstances.